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Low Profile Cables

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These right angle cables are the have the lowest profile on the market. Made with slick Mogami cable and Neutrik connectors. 

Get in touch if you need anything more custom or specific.

All cables under warranty. 



You must list your order precisely as such ; 

-Connector A Type and device connected to 

-Connector B Type and device connected to 


-Color (connector cap)

- Sleeve Color (if applicable) 

- Custom Lable (if applicable)


TA3 (lectrosonics SR) - XLR3 (sound devices 664) - 18' - Blue

3.5mm Lock (Sennheiser Receiver) - Sound Devices Mix Pre 3 (input 2) - 16' - Orange - Green Sleeve - Custom label : CH1


ADD Sleeve                                           ADD Custom Label 

     Add Custom Label